Marcos Pinotti Barbosa
  • Marcos Pinotti Barbosa
    Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  •    "Turbulence and the Cardiovascular System".

Resumen de la conferencia:

Hemolysis and thrombus formation are the main concern when the blood flows in contact with artificial surfaces. Artificial heart valves, ventricular assist devices, intravascular stents, extracorporeal circuitry and cannulas will trigger blood proteins activation or create hemodynamic conditions to cause blood cells fragmentation.
Blood flow regime will play an important role in these conditions. Laminar flow and the associated low shear rate will facilitate the blood components to agregate. In the other hand, turbulent flow will impose to the blood cells hydrodynamic forces that may lead to hemolysis. An ideal artificial device implanted or connected to the cardiovascular system should have proper material surface chemistry and geometry. The aim of this paper is to present some examples of how the turbulence flow exerts influence over hemolysis and thrombus formation in the blood flow in contact with artificial devices.